Interview with Sam Adeyinka – Creator of Pro Motivator

Hello guys this is my first interview on this blog and I’m so happy it’s with Sam Adeyinka, who obviously is an impeccable writer, a commenting superstar, a blogger, freelance writer and a motivational speaker.  Today I'm going to share with you his interview. Hope you would like it as much as I did. :)

        1.       Hi Sam, can we start the interview?
Sure Siddharth. And thanks for having me, feeling free and happy to answer all your questions.
Sam please introduce yourself to my Readers, they sure would love to know you.
For those who don't yet know me - My name is Sam Adeyinka, the Chief Editor of Pro Motivator. Aside from being a blogger and a writer, I'm also a motivational speaker. When Im not working I like to write, blog and chat with friends via social networking sites. I am a social nerd; a nerd with fashion sense. I am very ambitious. I love funny people. I am always found at Pro Motivator.

        2.      How do you become a Blogger?
I was a writer and I wanted badly to get my voice to the millions of people using the internet web. So I embark on on a quest of searching Google for how to achieve that. You know how interesting and helpful Google could be, right? Google immediately popped out many different options and being a novice at the time I quickly opted for blogger.com. Now that was two years ago but truth is I never considered myself as blogger until September 6th 2013 when I created Pro Motivator.

       3.      Tell us about your current job and what is your goal in life?
I currently run an offline business, where I work as a Website Designer, Graphic Designer, Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Freelance Writer, Web Tutor and Public Speaker.
What is my goal in life? Well, my goal in life is simple. Live a well fulfilled life and in the process inspire others to do the same.

       4.      Please say something about your blog.
Pro Motivator is a blog which is under the auspices of my Company - BraineGeeks Networks. It was created with the sole purpose of teaching, instructing, incubating and guiding people towards achieving a lifelong success.

      5.      Would you please share your experience in Blogging and Writing with your new followers?
That's a tough question to ask considering that I'm still very fresh to the blogging world. Well, my experience thus far as been very enormous. I mean from connecting with top bloggers to learning from the vast experience of like-minded folks and much more. Trust me, Sanu the list is endless.
Speaking about writing, if I was told that I would be a writer I would have argued it. I never set out to be this writer most people now know me as. My writing was rather inept and clumsy; I have since transcended that though owing to learning and leaning on the shoulders of those that has gone ahead of me by reading their works over and over again. I will say my experience thus far in blogging as well as writing is no more surprising as I have done well in learning from the best!

       6.      Which blog do you mostly follow?
I read several blogs amongst which are: Muki's emfastincome.com and enstinemuki.com respectively Enstine.
I read also, adriennesmith.net,
kabenlah.com and several others.

       7.      If Im right, Sam, you have written 6+ guest posts. How did you get the authors of those blogs to accept your post?
I get asked a lot this very question, as a matter of fact, one of my blogging buddies had asked me this same question some minutes ago and I guess I'd just share it here. Truth is there's no big deal in it, however there are some lay down rules I follow.
First, I make sure I spice up my writing by doing thorough research on the topic I plan to write about. I make sure I follow the guidelines of the authors I aim to write on their blogs through and through. I harness fully the limitless power of my mind and make sure to pour out my heart in every piece. These therefore position me to churning out quality contents.
Less I forget. I also make sure I tell them about some of the guest post I've done in the past with the links attached in the body of the text. You can read this post to learn more: 11 Simple Tips to Get GuestPosting Opportunities.
By the way, I have written 8 guest posts so far.

          8.      Where do you get inspiration from, Sam?
I love this quote so much and it's one of those many quotes I live by. Here: "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart." Helen Keller
Put simply, Learning inspires me. Seeing folks who have achieved or tying to achieve greatness inspires me. Most importantly, having the rarest opportunity to inspire people inspires me to do more.
I therefore draw inspiration from my heart and from insightful people such as you.

          9.      What are the saddest and the happiest moment of your life?
The day I lost my mom was by far the saddest moment of life and the happiest moment would be the day I discovered my life’s purpose and when I finally had the courage to pursue it.

      10.  As far as I am concern, Sam, you are popular and successful, even with your shortness in joining actively the blogosphere. What do you think is the secret?
Popular? Hahaha! Well, I’d say that the secret of success is after all in the secret.  However, some things have in no doubt contributed and constituted to my online success thus far. I am this type of guy who pays attention to little details and those little details have changed my life drastically.
The details I’m talking about are: working hard and working smart.  Being passionate and being consistent in that which I do. Reading voraciously other bloggers blog, making sure to filter and apply the knowledge shared by such folks. Connecting and networking with like-minded people, many of whom are better than I am.
Principally, all these have contributed and are the secret of my online success or virility, whatever you want to call it.

       11.   How much time do you dedicate to your blog daily?
Without mincing word, I would say I devote at least 16hrs each day on my blog. Call me crazy!  

       12.   How many hours do you spend researching?
I am an avid researcher and voracious consumer of any piece of information.  I am forever on the lookout for findings that will inspire my audience and readers of my blog. That said. I spend close to 6hrs in doing quality research.

      13.   I see your comments almost everywhere and they are usually valuable comments. How do you manage to pull such epic comments? And Sam, what in your opinion are the basics of blog commenting?
Like I said before, I love learning and inspiring people, it’s what motivates me and in fact, what wakes me out of my bed every morning. The best way to do that would then be to read as many blogs as I can and publish my take on them after proper scrutiny.
Basics of blog commenting? There are several rules guiding blog commenting and commenting scholars have spared no limiting efforts to sharing it conversely with their fans and readers, in which I’m opportune be a part of.
I have learned from Harleena Singh a great deal when it comes to blog commenting. I’d just share some of those things I learned from her early on:
                 1.       Carefully read and scrutinized the article you are trying to comment on. Doing this will guide you towards better judgment of the article.
           2.       Be sincere. The last time I checked, the synonyms of being sincere simply is ‘heartfelt’. By this, I mean pouring out your mind in the comment section from the abundance of those things you’ve stored in your heart.
              3.       Compliment the author. If the article motivated you in any way to take certain actions, why not go ahead and let the author know about it. You never know what help you would be doing for him and some other readers.
Trust me, Sanu, if you have succeeded in doing some of the above tips, you would see the turnaround of things, how comment would start rolling in your blog and how people would begin to notice you. The con side of it though is that it takes significant amount of time. By the way, you should read Siraj Wahid’s guide, here: How toWrite Stunning Comments to Gain Attention: A guide for Dummies and that of the commenting superstar. Harleena’s guide on blog commenting here: How toBecome a Blog Commenting Superstar.

14.   Any word for fellow bloggers?
You can be whoever you wish to become only if you’re daring enough. If you have a burning desire to achieve success in life’s endeavour, in blogging or perhaps anything in the world, even if it is not your destiny to be great, trust me you will achieve it and in the process make history! Take a snapshot at the life led by our great General, the late Mandiba, whom we all know as Nelson Mandela. He is a good exemplary; one we should all aim to be like. (May his poor soul rest in perfect peace)!!

15.   Thanks for accepting my request to interview you here, Sam.
It was my pleasure answering your questions. They were thought provoking!

Back to you my readers
You have heard from Sam Adeyinka and I hope you were motivated by his stories. If you do, please share with us what you feel about the interview. If you have question for him, go ahead and let him know in the comment section.


Sandeep Sharma said...

Hi Sam Bro
Nice See You here bro.I learned Something new about blogging from you bro.And i inspired and shocked By reading your 11th Answer "I devote at least 16hrs each day on my blog"!!!!

Really Nice Interview Bro
Keep Rocking
Wish U success

Temilola Waliu Globalwalyy said...

Sam is really a great witter, not just a writer a motivated speaker.. We learn everyday, and if you said you devoted 20hrs of your time to your blog You are right..

Arun Kallarackal said...

Hi Sanu,

Great to see you interviewing Sam here! Talking about Sam, I must say that he is a smart, hardworking and daring lad! We've been in touch using social site Facebook.

What I admire about him is his skills at networking. As you said Sanu, his meaningful comments can be seen everywhere!

Sam said that he is a voracious reader. Well, that reflects in the articles he writes. They are interesting, well researched and well written!

Sam, you spend 16 hrs daily on your blog, right? I won't call you 'crazy', but I'd rather call you 'focused' and hardworking instead!

And Sanu, thanks for this interview. I hope it will inspire all, who happens to read it :)

Wishing you guys all the best :)


Priya Singh said...

Hi.. Siddharth
Nice Interview of Sam.

i know this is your first time , that you are publishing Interview. :)
Very cool! And Good Work in First time (y).

Nosa E Nosa said...

In Physics, we where taught that Like Charges repel but as one who has dedicated so much time to deep thoughts, I realized that in Physics, that was certainly true. But in humanity, within the scope of creating a benchmark of productivity, Like Charges do attract. When I first met Sam, I didn't need a soothsayer to tell me that Sam was an embodiment of knowledge.

Whatever you spend your most precious time on fundamentally forms your reality, your quest for success in the blogosphere has eaten you deep. This isn't happening by error, but a calculated attempt to write your own script and be the pilot of your success journey. Indeed, the commitment and time you have put into your blog will always yield results.

@Siddharth, You blog looks great and your questions are top-notch, I hope you guys realize all your wishes..

Nice interview.. :)

Esther Coronel de Iberkleid said...

Congratulations Sam! Great interview Siddharth. You are wonderful human beings inspiring the world. Let´s organize a workshop together in Africa to inspire and motivate the new leaders feel they can be agents of change and evolution!
All the best and keep in touch!

Esther Coronel de Iberkleid
“The Clarity Mentor”- Life Changing Coach

Isaiah Joseph said...

Wonderful guy, i really love what he's doing so far, this guy is motivating millions of bloggers out there. thanks Adeyinka

Sri ram said...

Hi Sanu,
You've done a great job by interviewing Sam, one of my role models in networking and writing. Whenever I read an article by Sam, I just get motivated and move on to my blog to write something like that. His blog name suits what he is really doing, he's a real Pro Motivator!

You're spending 16 hours/day weird, bro! I should tell it's bad for your health. I'm in no way trying to demotivate/discourage you as I've had some bad effects by that. But this shows how hard worker you are. A sure way to get success.

BTW, thanks for linking out my article written by Siraj. Congrats for your first interview and I'm wishing to see you with many interviews soon :D

nature boy said...

Hello Sanu,
First, let me say congratulations on your first guest post, you deserve it :).
Sam is a good writer and he has done so well this past few months. what i'll say is, keep doing what you're doing and sky will be your starting post.
Have a blessed weekend...


Seeing is believing to some but many at times, you don't need to see before you have to believe. Sam is indeed an epitome of writer, I met him just like usually meet other bloggers but going by the virtue of his skill, he has the charisma and he is a prolific writer which make this interview a non surprise package because he merit it.

Sue Neal said...

Hi Sanu and Sam,

I really enjoyed this interview - and thanks very much for the mention, Sam.

In your answer to question 10 I think you've missed out one vital secret that helps to promote your popularity - and that's your sense of humour, Sam. You have a lovely warm personality, and your comments often make me smile.

Your enthusiasm and commitment really come across in this interview - you clearly work very hard and deserve to succeed. I wish you continued happiness and success, Sam.

shkhanal said...

hi Sam and sanu

interviews are often not only interesting but also it allows us to share the individual method on the way one is blogging. I'm always interested to learn what worked for others and look for something that I can incorporate in my boss is itself.

wish you more success and thanks for the nice talk.

Siddharth Sharma said...

Thanks for Your First Comment on this Interview of Sam.
Yeah! Sam is Awesome Blogger ! :)

Siddharth Sharma said...

Thanks to drop your Comment.

Siddharth Sharma said...

Thanks Arun Bhai!
I'm also is Added in friendlist of Sam on Facebook :)

Siddharth Sharma said...

Thanks Priya... :)
My Sweet Friend.!

Siddharth Sharma said...

Yes! I'm Very Happy After Publish this Interview of Sam.

Thanks For your Comment :)

Please Keep Visiting.

Siddharth Sharma said...

Thanks Esther..!

I'm Very Happy after see your comment on my post. :)

Siddharth Sharma said...

@Isaiah Thanks For Wish to Sam :)

Siddharth Sharma said...

Thank you So Much @Sriram Bro.
I'm Glad to see you here again. :)

Siddharth Sharma said...

Thanks @Baba Nature

Siddharth Sharma said...

Thank You So Much @Shkhanal Sir.

Siddharth Sharma said...

Wow! @Sue
first of all thank you so Much to Visit my Blog.
And I'm glad to see you Here.! :)


Siddharth Sharma said...

Oh!! That's Good Dear :)

Thanks to Drop your Comment .

Siraj Wahid said...

Hey Sam and Sanu,

First of all congratulations Sam, you've been amazing in the blogosphere and you were amazing in this interview too.

You are just like me when it comes to blog commenting, i also consider blog commenting as one of the important tasks of blogging :)

I was astonished with your answer to question #11, 16 hours? really? It seems you are a pure dedicated blogger :D

Thanks for mentioning me in the interview, good luck with your blogging journey )

Thanks Sanu for featuring Sam on your blog.


Olili Bob said...

Hi Sanu,I must say i love this, Sam is one of the people that i respect the way they have done exploits in the blogosphere very quickly. Sam is a friend and i respect him alot, He is very innovative and creative and sam wow i never knew you spend that much time on p.c, its cool though. Nice interview

Siddharth Sharma said...

Thanks.. :)

Sumanth Veera said...

Hello Sanu, its a nice interview and sam its good to see you here. I knew all about you as mentioned in the answers but the 11th answer "16 hrs on your blog each day " are u really serious bro ?
Anyway hard work always works.
All the best

Obasi Miracle said...

Wow! it's really great to read about one of my best pals here at trick4pc. Sam has been a very great dude and handles the art of blogging professionally too. This is the only way I can explain the reason why his blog [ promotivator] is fast sailing the pathway to Zenith.

Nice interview really love the way you gave your answers bro, do have a brilliant week and many more successful blogging years too.

Siddharth Sharma said...

Yes.. +Sumanth

Sam is Hadworker ! and doing better for his Blog Pro-motivator.


Siddharth Sharma said...

Thanks..!! dear,

Sam is Awesome Blogger, He is one my Best friend.. :)

thanks to Stop With your sweet words.
Keep Visitng.

Siddharth Sharma said...

Yes! You are right..

Thanks To drop your Comment Here. :)

~Please Keep Vising. ~